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Kidwelly Motor Club Social Media Policy


Kidwelly Motor Club recognises that social media is an important tool for all club members to engage with each other and the club.

Kidwelly Motor Club encourages club members to use social media and other channels to promote themselves, the club, the clubs events and the sport.

Kidwelly Motor Club provides a service to all members by actively utilising Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube as well as websites to promote its work and activities.

The organisation is committed to providing a safe, fair and fun online space for Kidwelly Motor Club members. This includes safeguarding the welfare of young people who engage with the organisation on any social media and websites used by Kidwelly Motor Club.

Kidwelly Motor Club recognises that this policy can be continuously developed and will review this document again by October 2025 or after the outcome of any serious issue or incident as a result of the use of social media sites by the Kidwelly Motor Club community.

To complement this policy, Motorsport UK has produced a Social Media Guidance document to provide the community with further information on how to engage appropriately online.


The Policy outlines:

  • The social media channels managed by the Kidwelly Motor Club members
  • How Kidwelly Motor Club manages it social media channels and who is responsible
  • The principles that Kidwelly Motor Club follow in monitoring all channels
  • Reporting procedures to follow if any abusive or illegal content or activity has been identified by Kidwelly Motor Club members, Motorsport UK or community members

Our team closely moderates our online community across all digital platforms and ensure the interaction and engagement on our social media channels are in line with our policy.

This policy is endorsed by the KIDWELLY MOTOR CLUB COMMITTEE MEMBERS.


Kidwelly Motor Club Owned Social Media

Kidwelly Motor Club will be active on third party social networking sites which are known to engage with young people and vulnerable adults, as follows:


  • Kidwelly Motor Club:


  • The day-to-day management of any Kidwelly Motor Club social media platforms commissioned or operated by the organisation
  • Establishing acceptable standards for the privacy and moderation of the service and will work with Kidwelly Motor Club Club Safeguarding Officer and Motorsport UK’s Head of Safeguarding to establish any other safeguards required
  • Ensuring that any club committee members, partner agencies or contractors abide by the rules and regulations of Kidwelly Motor Club, in that any comments posted are not, or may not be conceived as: offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, racist, discriminatory or may cause offence or harm to others, including race or club officials, members of the Kidwelly Motor Club workforce, Motorsport UK Clubs/groups and teams or any person(s) associated with the activities of the Club or Motorsport UK
  • Deciding which links will appear on the Kidwelly Motor Club website and social media channels and the acceptability of access to other sites
  • Establishing acceptable use policy and will refer to the Club Safeguarding Officer and/or the Motorsport UK Head of Safeguarding and Regulatory Counsel/Disciplinary Officer after incidents of misuse
  • Manage any other key staff or volunteers who may be involved in the monitoring of any internal or third-party sites used by Kidwelly Motor Club
  • Initial interface with the Club Safeguarding Officer and/or Motorsport UK Head of Safeguarding
  • Ensuring that the safeguarding expectations of Kidwelly Motor Club are included in any third-party contracts in tandem with the Club Committee or Club Manager
  • Agreeing in advance with contractor(s) privacy and safety tools including acceptable and unacceptable behaviours
  • Monitoring legally approved use of Kidwelly Motor Club content of any third-party websites used by the club



Kidwelly Motor Club Social Media Manager will be jointly responsible for:

  • Monitoring the acceptable use policy and clarify unacceptable behaviour including harassment, defamation, discrimination, abuse, bullying and obscene or abusive language, the uploading of libellous, defamatory, obscene, illegal or violent material, or depicting nudity. This list is not exhaustive, and the club may wish to add additional issues
  • Referring any breaches of this policy to the Club Safeguarding Officer and/or Motorsport UK’s Head of Safeguarding and the Regulatory Counsel/Disciplinary Officer, and who in turn may refer any breach of conduct obligations to the Motorsport UK National Court whether for disciplinary purposes or for an Inquiry
  • If appropriate, will be the Webmaster or key monitoring staff who has contact with children and young people who interact with the club’s webpage or profile


Reporting Procedures

If you have any concerns about online behaviours, there are a number of different avenues for reporting as listed below, you can also discuss your concerns with the Club’s Safeguarding Officer. 

Any incidents of unacceptable behaviour including but not limited to harassment or discrimination, or the use of obscene or abusive language should be reported via the Race with Respect website.

Any incidents of online bullying, abuse, grooming or other behaviours which impact on the welfare or wellbeing of children or young people must be reported to the safeguarding team via email.

If you have concerns that material being posted is libellous, defamatory, or illegal report it to the legal department via email.